It irritates me to no end when someone uses an abbreviation without explaining it.

-FM: Fibromyalgia
-HG: hypoglycemia (same as hyper-insulinism)
-SF: sugar-free
-CFS: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
-BS: Bachelor of Science degree... really, I think it's worth the 5 semesters of taking a language in order to get a BA (Bachelor of Arts), just so you don't have a BS in something.  It's about credibility, folks.  By the way, I have a BA.  :)

If you see that I missed one somewhere on the page or you just want to see if I know one you've been wondering about, comment on here, and we'll test out how smart I really am.  This is not a challenge; this is more of a "I warned you, so don't be disappointed when you find out the truth."