Not just for Fibromites

Yes, my primary purpose of this blog is to help those with fibro, but honestly I've realized that most of us, in the west at least, eat terribly and don't run optimally.  I think most of us are aware of this, but we're up against a lot of advertising and quick, though cruddy, food choices in restaurants and grocery stores.  We're conditioned now to eat things that really shouldn't go into our bodies at all and hadn't until recent history.

Even while saying this, I know I wouldn't have changed my eating without being compelled to.  It's just too darn hard, and there are so many conflicting messages out there!  Reading some of Michael Pollan's books helped enlighten me (In Defense of Food firstly, and The Omnivore's Dilemma)- it's hard to keep your head in the sand after reading these, but it still took what I look at as an act of God to get me to take my eating seriously.  I'm a strong believer that God will do what is necessary to get us where he wants us to go, providing that we're willing.  I think fibro is one of those things I may have signed up for before getting to earth, knowing it would help me overcome the obstacles of not wanting to take care of my body as well as I should and even helping me overcome my type-A tendencies.  I digress.

Even if you don't have fibro, I think this blog can be useful.  It's possible you just want to eat better yourself, but you feel a little overwhelmed by reading labels and preparing everything from scratch.  I still get into that mode at times, myself (why can't I just be rich and have someone to make my dinner!), but when I do buckle down and make my meals a priority, I feel better for it- even by just the creation of something delicious.  There's something about creation through cooking that is like magic or art, and most of us are losing that in lieu of saving time.  But, just like spending time with our kids yields riches we can't get any other way, so does feeding our bodies well.  Why I forget this from time to time, I do not know.  Even as I write this, part of me wants a cupcake- why now, I do not know, but I will go eat some fresh provolone instead!

If you are looking to lose weight, this really is a simple solution, too.  I was a fad dieter for years (even before I actually needed to lose weight.  I look back at high school photos and think, "Wow!  I looked good and didn't even enjoy it, I was so caught up in society's paranoia.")  Fad diets never really worked for long, plus I felt like garbage, so it wasn't worth it, anyway.  Eating better leads to feeling better.  As I started to eat better, I was more apt, naturally, to drink water and felt more like exercising.  It is a benevolent cycle (vs. the typical vicious one).

I think it's worth at least an experiment for a couple of weeks, don't you?  What if you've never felt as good as you could feel?  That's kind of a waste of time, isn't it?